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Life-cycle management in embedded software development

March 25, 2009
2:00 PM EDT

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Sponsored by
IBM Rational Software and Esterel Technologies

If you've ever written more than a few hundred lines of code, you're
acutely aware that the water gets really deep really quickly as you
wade into a large project. Issues like requirements management,
modeling and simulation, design data and feature management, testing,
build management, release and configuration management, version
control, and more start to loom larger. Every software team has keep
track of different builds for standard products, revision histories,
and even custom customer variants with just "slightly" different
software packages.

The first level of the Capability Maturity Model - Integrated is
termed as "competent people and heroics". This doesn't sound like much
of a reliable strategy. The expectations on embedded systems for cost,
reliability, and safety place much higher demands on today's designers
to get a firm grip on life-cycle management issues. Whether your
organization calls it product life-cycle management or application
life-cycle management, it's necessary. And when the development teams
are scattered around the world, you need solutions to manage the
problem on a global scale.

This e-cast will offer up experts who have helped develop larger
embedded projects, and who have seen the benefits of having a
life-cycle management strategy first hand - and the risks in not
having one. Too big a topic for just an hour, our experts will go into
some of the life-cycle management methods in areas they find have the
highest impact on making embedded projects successful. They'll present
several case studies of real-world examples, and offer a handful of
concrete solutions and suggestions for keeping track of life-cycle
issues in embedded software development

Sponsors: IBM and Esterel Technologies

Moderator: Don Dingee, Editorial Director- Don Dingee

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