[2s.mk-friends] Linux kernel хакери

Arangel Angov ufo at linux.net.mk
Tue Apr 26 13:43:42 UTC 2011

Seavus бара повеќе луѓе за работа on-site кај клиенти. Во основа се
бара C/C++ искуство со користење на Linux и development под Linux,
Linux kernel development е огромен плус :) Кандидатите не мора да се
од Македонија.

Job description:
- Working in world class software team
- Analyze the requirements from product manager, write TRS document
- High level design and implement the critical system modules
- Involve in research activities, answer the technical questions from
other departments (project management, strategy, specific group, BU
- Make effort estimation to help project manager to finalize the
project schedule
- Improve software stability, optimization

Basic Requirements
- BS in Computer Science/Engineering
- 3-5 years (after BS) of related industry experience preferred
- Experience on Linux application or driver development more than 3 years
- Experience on Android is strong plus
- Experience on multimedia development is strong plus
- Experience on VOIP, video conference development is strong plus-
Understanding the Linux kernel, is able to develop software on kernel
- Experience/knowledge in basic operation in UNIX environment
- Good team spirit, responsible, autonomy, open-minded.
- Understanding of various software development tools and utilities:
IDE, debugger, source control, bug tracking, etc.
- Ability to multi-task effectively under considerable pressure of
deadlines and easily adapt within a fast-paced, start-up like
- Prepared to travel for on-site customer support

Ако има заинтересирани луѓе може да ми пишат приватно за подетални информации.
ufo \o/ linux.net.mk

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