[2s.mk-friends] Open Data, Free SW/HW in the Balkans, next september?

Marco Fioretti mfioretti at nexaima.net
Tue Jul 23 16:57:15 UTC 2013


I am a freelance writer/trainer/researcher specialized in Open Data,
Open HW and Free SW and their impacts on education, civil rights and
society in general. You can read about my work at http://mfioretti.com

I got your contact info from Luca Pescatore, as he said you may be
interested in the organization of events of this kind when I wrote to
him what follows:

> I have been just invited to SFK13 in Pristina from sept 7th to sept
> 9th, and I thought that it may be a great occasion to also attend
> (or co-organize) other FOSS/OpenHW/Open Data talks, courses, events
> etc... right before or after SFK13 (or that may be organized) even
> in neighbour Balkan countries.  So, since you have lots of contacts
> in the area, please feel encouraged to forward this email to whoever
> may be interested.

Any feedback is welcome. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any

Kind regards,
		Marco Fioretti

M. Fioretti http://mfioretti.com                   http://stop.zona-m.net

Your own civil rights and the quality of your life heavily depend on how
software is used *around* you

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